Jules Vissers​​​​​​​

In her studio Taftique in Florence, Dutch artist Jules Vissers translates an old tradition into modern artworks. Here she designs and creates textile artworks using high-quality Italian yarns. Her art pays homage to nature using only natural yarns and those derived from recycled fibres and local deadstock. Jules graduated Cum Laude in Art Textiles at the Florence Art Academy and in January 2024 she received the European Textile & Craft Award 2024 for her Textile Art from the European Textile Academy. Jules participates regularly in art and design events such as Milan Design Week and Florence Biennale. She is a member of Homo Faber, an organisation that promotes European excellences in craftsmanship, and of the Isola Design Community (Milan, Italy). 
Each of Taftique's artworks is unique, numbered and signed by the artist. ​​​​​​​
Jules Vissers of Atelier Taftique receives the European Textile & Craft Award 2024 - category Textile Art - European Textile Academy, Bolzano

European Textile & Craft Award 2024 - category Textile Art - European Textile Academy, Bolzano

​​​​​​​"Before applying to the Florence Fine Art Academy in 2019, I had been working with textiles for many years, but not in a professional way. In my new homeland Italy artisan craftmanship is of paramount importance. I followed the Master’s programme in Art Textiles and during my training I collaborated with several specialist workshops, such as the Fondazione Arte Della Seta Lisio in Florence. Here I worked with the antique looms and learned how to make silk in a traditional way. In January 2021 I started my own atelier Taftique in the historical centre of Florence. Here I design and produce textile wall art and textile art objects, tufted and embroidered by hand on canvas.
I originally come from the Netherlands and I have been living in Italy since 1998. In my twenties I graduated in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam and International Law at UCL London.  After working for several years for the Dutch Consulate in Italy, I gradually focused more on my passion for art and applied arts, taking courses in drawing, painting, photography and various textile techniques before applying to the Fine Art Academy. 
 I am inspired by the nature and the classical art that surrounds me here and by artistic movements of the first part of the 20th century, such as cubism and art deco. To me my yarns are like my painting colours. I often use complementary colours and curved geometric forms, and I like to explore the interaction between different textures and their three-dimensional effects, using varying yarn heights, pile types and combining heterogeneous yarn types. In my artistic journey I have developed my own style between abstract and figurative works. In the latter ones I like to evoke playful and intimate scenes, with a somewhat mythological allure. In my pure abstract works there is a more explicit exploration of the varying textures and their three-dimensional effect.
The main technique I use is tufting, that's why I invented the name 'Taftique' for my atelier. With this manual technique I can make specific scenes and patterns come to life. In combination with textile embroidery and weaving techniques, it allows me to create relief, height differences and textures, making my works exciting and caressable. 
I am also present on the Craft Gallery of Artex, the organisation for artistic artisanship of the Region Tuscany and I am part of the Isola Design Community, a platform of independent designers based in Milan that focus on sustainable products. For my artworks I use local high-quality yarns, predominantly searching for recycled yarns and deadstock materials in the nearby textile district of Prato."​​​​​​​​​​​​​​