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18-23 April 2023
During the MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2023 Taftique presents a series of her tapestries with Isola Design. Jules Vissers – a Dutch artist living in Italy – translates an old tradition in modern artworks made with recycled and deadstock yarns. Her tactile works are inspired by nature, art and Florence, the city where she works and lives.
Working at the intersection of art and design, Jules Vissers has a textile studio and gallery in the historical centre of Florence. Her studio is called Taftique, a self-thought term that combines tufting and its Italian translation ‘taftare’.  Here she creates hand-tufted and embroidered wall-hangings and art textiles, such as decorative cushions and centrepieces. 

This year Jules will present two large unframed abstract tapestries that originate from her organic wave designs, the colourful ‘Dream Wave’ and the creamy ‘Sugar Wave’. Both tapestries also have a smaller version. She also presents a series of small, framed tapestries called ‘Ciao!’ that are incredibly colourful and inspired by cubist forms.
Craftsmanship & Ecology

With her studio Taftique Jules is present in the HOMO FABER guide, a selection of artistic artisan excellences on a European level. Taftique has also been selected by Artex Craft Gallery, the organisation for artistic artisanship of the Italian Region Tuscany. Jules’ craftsmanship is fully expressed by the principal technique she uses for her tapestries: tufting. With this manual technique Jules makes specific scenes and patterns come to life. It also allows her to create height differences and textures, making her tapestries exciting and caressable.
Style & Purpose

Jules’ style is between abstract and figurative. She likes to give a sense of a playful and intimate scene, with a somewhat mythological allure. In her pure abstract works she explores more explicitly the interaction between textural elements and their three-dimensional impact.
With her work Jules wants to show the use of yarn in an artistic way, as if it were her painting colours. She wants to put focus on the different perception and applications of art textiles compared to other types of art or design. What’s more, the use of recycled and deadstock yarns is a way to upcycle materials in a completely new form, as art pieces.
Past year MDW and Awards

During MDW 2022 Taftique presented three large, framed tapestries at Masterly, an official event of the Milan Fuorisalone. Her artworks have been highly appreciated there and were published in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar Netherlands and Art Market Magazine.

In May 2022 she won the second prize at the Tamara de Lempicka Awards in Venice for her artworks ‘Female Figure’, ‘Pinetrees in the sun’ and ‘Lost in Thought’. She also won the ‘International Art Critics Award’ for ‘Female Figure’ at the Chianciano Biennale in August 2022. At the last Florence Biennale an International Jury assigned Jules the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award for her tapestry ‘Three Graces’, inspired by the three women-goddesses from the famous Botticelli painting ‘La Primavera’. Jules regularly refers to classical art themes which she then translates into modern artworks.

Jules Vissers is an artist and designer who welcomes collaborations with other parties such as architects and stylists. Her works can be custom-made regarding size, colours and designs used.  
Jules' artworks are on display at Isola Design Gallery - Spazio Rizzoti - via Pastrengo 14 Milano - from 18 to 23 April 2023
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