The Specular designs are based on mirrored and interconnected portraits, which reveal different moods. The Specular collection consists of unique tapestries that are handmade in Florence with local high-quality natural and recycled yarns. The interconnected and mirrored portrait geometries in contrasting colours refer to vibrant, enigmatic masks. The Specular artworks can be custom made.
The first Specular was created for the Open Call Competition of the Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art and Design 2023, where it was awarded as one of the 10 finalist artworks. It interprets the theme of 'I AM YOU', which means that in the search for our identity we compare ourselves to others through interaction, exchange, sharing and empathy.

The later variations of Specular, one of which can be seen at the Isola Design 'Tools and Crafts' exhibition during DDW in Eindhoven, are made in varying sizes and numbers of portraits. The colours used for the different portraits are always contrasting, but they can vary from pop art colours to soft pastel shades. A special feature of the design is that the tapestries can also be hung upside down, depending on the dominant state of mind that one prefers to see.  
 Technique: hand-tufted and embroidered on cloth. 
Materials: Wool, recycled and mixed yarns on wooden stretcher. 
Size: 100 x 100 cm, numbered and signed artwork.


SPECULAR II upside down

SPECULAR II at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven

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