The artwork SPECULAR consists of 4 intertwined portraits that reflect different states of mind, usually perceived by all human beings. It’s what makes us recognizable to others, as we can identify with the other through these emotions. 
For this purpose the artist has used the three primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and a secondary color (green) for the remaining part, where red stands for shame, yellow stands for sorrow, blue stands for curiosity and green for jealousy. 
She aims to show how humans tend to communicate with each other through different masks, depending on the occasion, often hiding what we really desire or believe. In this sense the artwork is a wish for humans to live more according to their real essence, on a personal and a community level.   
Technique: hand-tufted on cloth. 
Materials: Wool, recycled and mixed yarns on wooden stretcher. 
Size: 203 x 105 cm - Numbered artwork 5/2023. 

SPECULAR - The blue portrait - Curiosity

SPECULAR - The green portrait - Jealousy

SPECULAR - The yellow portrait - Sorrow

SPECULAR - The red portrait - Shame

SPECULAR - upside down

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